Download free VPN Mac to secure 100% online activities and get the best control over privacy with unlimited data on your MacBook.

Free VPN Mac


Free VPN Mac provides a safe way when you are browsing the internet on safari. When dealing with tracking user information, mac VPN encrypts web traffic and protects user identity. As we know, Apple frequently updates and enhances its macOS user’s privacy to make their location remain secure while surfing. But due to less control over web activities, a virtual private network is the only solution to get users anonymous from the cyber-attack. The latest macOS loaded with updated software such as a new and faster Safari browser. At the same time, a free VPN for macOS lets you use them securely. However, using a trusted VPN is a good idea for surfing anonymously because nobody knows what you are doing and downloading on the internet. But there is a difference between VPN and VPN tunnel. Connecting two devices between each other for communication without snooping by other computer is just a VPN. In contrast, a VPN provider allows you to communicate with the world wide web through an encrypted network.

Main Features

These features are must be considered as main factors in terms of security threats, etc. Below are the 14 most essential features and functions according to your needs that will make your decision confident and clear about selecting our free VPN Mac.

Up to Date

Keeping software up to date is an essential factor because it increases the app and operating system’s compatibility. As we know, every new version of the Operating System comes with the latest features, changes, and sometimes kernel. Free mac VPN provides all these features on macOS and does not affect the app’s continued performance.

No-Logging Policy and Trusted Privacy

A no-logging policy means that the app will not save or log any information about your online activity. The virtual private network must follow a zero-logging policy. VPNMac doesn’t record any browsing activity or other online stuff that belongs to user identity or tracking information.

Server Location and Auto-Switching

A huge number of servers means more locations worldwide, which directly increases your connected device’s anonymity and makes it untraceable from any firewall and network. Mac VPN gives a vast number of servers for its users that will automatically connect you to the web through the fastest and nearest server, bypassing you from wasting time testing different servers for internet usage. Also, you can quickly and automatically switch to any server without disconnecting and networking interruption.

Kill Switches and Auto Reconnecting

Kill switch features prevent your sensitive information from leaking. It instantly locks the network whenever the connection is lost with VPN and then quickly reconnect you back to resolve internet connectivity. Mac VPN ensures that all sending and receiving data by the device is fully encrypted.

SmartDNS for Global Access

The primary purpose of VPNs is to encrypt full internet traffic and provide content access globally. But SmartDNS mood only unblocks and encrypts data that is receiving from visual or streaming contents websites such as Netflix, Spotify, etc., which decreases the buffering and increases the streaming experience. Many websites block users from different regions due to their official services limitation in those regions. Still, the free VPN Mac gives you complete global internet access to any app or website.

Split Tunneling

VPN app for MacBook provides an advanced feature that gives you instant control power. You can select an app or website to access directly, which is to encrypt by VPN that are suspicious or block by the government. The split tunneling function increases the connection speed and browsing experience of the user’s devices.

Clear Connection Protocol

Free Mac VPN gives connection protocols with different versions in terms of strength and weakness, such as high-security low-speed protocol and lower-encryption high-speed protocols. These have different names and performances like OpenVPN, L2TPP, PPTP, Wire Guard, and the latest patented hydra protocol, the most advanced, secure, and fasted protocol.

IPv6 & DNS Leak Protection

IPv6 is a new and next-generation internet protocol address that works as your device identity. Through it, it retrieved all the traffic data. VPN-Mac functions well to control IPv6 requests to avoid any vulnerabilities, DNS leak out, etc.

Unlimited Simultaneous Connections

As you will connect VPN on multiple Apple devices such as iPhone, MacBook Pro, and desktop, it is essential to know how many devices it supports at a time. However, Macintosh VPN lets you install one setup file on an unlimited number of devices to enjoy breakneck speed.

Auto Reconnect on Startup

Whenever you startup a MacBook device, the application will automatically and quickly connect to a secure selected location. The internet connection will auto-reconnect if it drops due to any fault, so the user doesn’t worry about any interruption.

Unblock Website and Surf Anonymously

VPN Mac freely unblocks websites without requiring any registration or signup process and provides anonymous browsing. It perfectly keeps away malicious hackers from your email, important documents, bank login credentials, and much more private data.

Unlimited Bandwidth by Defeating ISP Throttling

Most ISP companies, following throttling policy, divide the bandwidth by analyzing the traffic of customers. If a user uses heavy load apps or streaming 4k videos, they put a bandwidth limit on their connection. Using a premium VPN for MacBook pro, you can easily bypass ISP throttling and use free P2P file sharing like torrent download.

Military-Grade Data Encryption

Setup VPN server on Macbook intelligently protects you from the third-party organizations interested in tracking your actual identity and information, primarily financial, demographic, and social aspects. It hides your data from the online companies that are trying to monetize your action and return to you with annoying advertisements.

Free Unlimited VPNs for Mac

There are a lot of free VPNs available for mac, but selecting the best in terms of downloading speed, privacy and security measures, logging and activity policy, torrenting and streaming availability, usability, and support. If you want the best Mac VPNs without paying money, here is a list of the best VPNs for your Macbook; check out the below. We analyze, research, and categorize unlimited VPNs that perfectly matches your needs.



User Rating

Top 10 Best VPNs for Macintosh

  1. NordVPN
  2. ExpressVPN
  3. CyberGhost
  4. PrivateVPN
  5. Surfshark
  6. HideMyAss
  7. IPVanish
  8. VyprVPN
  9. TunnelBear
  10. Windscribe

Pros and Cons of Best VPN for MacBook Pro

Below are the brief and well-detailed PROS and CONS of the top best Mac VPNs that are important for Apple & Macintosh users.

1: Nord VPN for MacBook

As your online security comes 1st, Nord VPN for Macbook provides powerful protection over your online activities. It supports ultra-fast premium servers to bypass the geo-restriction world widely and optimize the P2P network. The smartPlay DNS function enables you to stream visual content websites with less buffering.



2: Express VPN for macOS

Express VPN for macintosh is the most trusted VPN-app for a super-high-speed and one-click internet experience with strict no-logging terms. It ultimately works on OpenVPN protocols to bring strict security to your device. It entirely masks the IP address with the help of SSL 256-bit encryption.



3: Cyber Ghost for Apple

Access everything with infinite online experience and without any limitation. Cyber Ghost for Apple is the best MacBook VPN in terms of usability and user support. It provides high performance for user anonymity with a lightweight setup and easy installation.



4: Private VPN for MacBook Pro

Stay private and browse the entire internet with military-grade security. Private VPN for Macbook pro efficiently unblocks streaming websites and provides unlimited torrenting bandwidth. It makes your device completely safe from any malware threats.



5: Surfshark VPN for iOS

Surfshark is the best VPN for iOS to prevents your device from malware and phishing attacks and makes your web experience very clean with a built-in adblocker. It secures your digital life with the best iOS and streams up to 15 Netflix libraries.



6: HideMyAss VPN Free Download for Mac

To unblock the world and stream the stuff without any restriction with popular Apple VPNs for MacBook air. HideMyAss free download comes with essential features like security and speed. It has the most prominent network connections with auto IP address shuffling functionality.



7: IPVanish for iPhone

IPVanish VPN for iPhone protects your online data with powerful internet privacy, cloud backup, and safeguard web access. It smoothly supports the latest Mac 10.x and iOS 9.1 and up version and provides instant tech support for customers.



8: VyprVPN for Safari

Browser more and worry with lightning-fast speed internet browsing on Apple devices. VyprVPN for safari browser easily connects you from anywhere to the internet without sharing your data with third-party companies and organizations. It also includes IPSec, Open VPN, and Chameleon encryption features.



9: Tunnel Bear for iPad

Tunnel Bear VPN for iPad provides a Secure browser on the web and takes back your online privacy. It boosts your anonymity and security for web activities. It keeps your online information private and lets you stay safe on public Wi-Fi. It also bypasses local censorship and hides your device from password and other information stealing.



10: Windscribe Unlimited VPN for Mac

Windscribe unlimited VPN for MacBook to stop leaking personal information set your device free from cyber attacks, and have a great firewall to block every type of leak. It has an unlimited proxy gateway that supports many devices. It also supports IKEv2, Open VPN, UDP, and TLP protocols.



How we test and Create Free Ranked VPN

1. Download and Install

We download every VPN and install one by one to check compatibility with Apple devices and Operating System like Macintosh OS for MacBook Pro, Air, and iOS for iPhone, iPad, etc.

2. Analyzing Features

In this phase, we start testing VPN’s main critical functions and mostly ask the user for security, privacy, encryption, server, location, bandwidth, speed, P2P, streaming, and free Data limitations.

3. Reviews and Scoring

We start reviewing all the VPNs on various platforms, e.g., “,” etc., to ensure the features by user comments. Then we count and estimate the average score based on features quality and user experiences.

4. Write and Provide

The final and essential section is what we search, get and calculate. We briefly describe and write VPNs feature reviews and experiences from multiple websites.

Download Free VPN for Mac

As you know, most free VPNs are not working on macOS and are not even trusted. They are often selling your contact information to third-party organizations for the sake of revenue. But here, all provided VPNs are risk-free and trustworthy in many aspects. Also, they are rich in features, including smooth speed and unlimited monthly data.

FAQs- Free VPN Mac

To change VPN on your Mac, do the following steps.

  1. Click on the top “Apple Menu” at the top of the screen.
  2. Now click on the “System Preference Application”, then click on the “Network” icon.
  3. Click the “Add (+)” button in the network connections list at the left.
  4. Choose a “VPN” in the popup menu interface.
  5. Select a VPN “Service Name” and “Change” a VPN connection.